Totes les històries

Short film

A short film set in the 10th century in the north of Catalonia. Narbona is a girl who falls ill because of the repeated violations of a ruthless Count. Narbona’s mother Caterina, claims the help of a witch, called La Vigatana, to save the girl from death. But the intrusion of the new official powers (the feudal lord, the priest and the knights), will end up killing the witch as a danger to be eradicate.

Director:  Sergi Cameron
Cinematographer: Ivan Castiñeiras
Art director: Cristina Cortizo, Anna Auquer, Alexandra Jordana and Laura Veciana
Production Co: Nanouk Films with the suport of ICEC (SP) and Conselh Generau de la Valh D’aran (SP)