Mi querida cofradia

Feature film

Carmen, Catholic and Apostolic, is going to become the president of her brotherhood. But it is a great disappointment when the group chooses Ignacio, its maximum rival. Far from accepting it, she gets into a mess that seems to have no end. Pills, French toast, her daughter, the granddaughter and the neighbor. She has half a town at home, the other half on the street and everyone needs it. But she just wants things to change and is going to take care of it.

Director: Marta Díaz de López Díaz
Cinematographer: Vanesa Sola
Art director: Anna Auquer
Asistant Art director: Laura Veciana
Production Co: Escac Films, La Zanfoña, Movistar, Tv1, Canal Sur

Malaga Festival, Public Award
Bcn Film Festival Best Spanish Comedy
Feroz Awards, nomination for the Best Spanish Comedy